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Transcription Services in Australia

Transcription is recording in writing of speech, meeting, interview, or conversation. Interlingual Agency provides high-quality transcription services in Australia. In other words, we convert speech into a written or electronic text document. See how it works for yourself!

Why People Choose Interlingual

Types of Transcriptions

We work with different types of transcription services in Melbourne, including legal, medical, and corporate transcriptions. It is essential for clients who need transcription for police interviews, telephone conversations, court proceedings.

Types of Formats

Interlingual can provide transcription services in Sydney with any source audio or video formats, such as mp3, Mpeg, wav, and traditional audio cassette.


You can send the audio both electronically by e-mail and physically on CD.

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Types Of Transcription Services From Interlingual


This type of transcription services in Brisbane accurately record all the information from an audio or video file. It is perfect for the project, where you need to convey the circumstances or describe the situation, providing a clear context.


In this kind of transcription, our professionals provide only relevant parts of the audio file without any stuttering or interjection. This type you can use for some interviews, conferences, business meetings, etc.


Interlingual can completely exclude all indications of stuttering, pauses, or emotions if you choose the intelligent type of transcription services in Australia. It requires a highly skilled transcriber, who can slight paraphrasing of what was said and safe the main idea.

Your Desires

You can say any preference and explain your vision of the final result of the project. After that, our specialists in transcription services in Australia will recommend the best type of transcription.

Choose Your Plan

5 working days
  • Turnaround of 5 working days
  • Minimum charge of 100 words
  • No additional surcharge
24 hours
  • Receive electronic copy in 24 hours
  • Pre-assessment required of quantity
  • Additional 50% surcharge
  • 48 hours booking required
  • Minimum of 3 hours
  • No extra costs (transport etc.)