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Proof Reading Services in Australia

Interlingual Agency provides professional proofreading and editing services for the authors of books, journal articles, essays, research papers, and other documents. We are the best in the sphere of proof reading services, and below, you can learn why!

Why Customers Choose Us


All processes are verified according to global standards, so Interlingual guarantees the quality of proof reading services.

Professional Editors

The latest technologies support our experts with the highest qualification in proofreading and editing services.


Interlingual Agency understands your document’s security is essential, so we keep it safe. 

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Types of Your Documents


If you are a professor or researcher and need to edit your written works before the publication, you are in the right place. Proofreading services from Interlingual will fix mistakes of English spelling or grammar and give your dissertation or article a chance to be published!


Interlingual can help you edit and proofread your novel, manuscript, or play if you are the author. We also provide proof reading services for students with essays or projects.


Proofreading securities, marketing materials, reports, and other business documents, we guarantee the quality and privacy of everything you submit to us.


You can be sure of getting a reliable result by sending private documents as the resume, letter, or others to Interlingual for editing and proofreading.

Choose Your Plan

5 working days
  • Turnaround of 5 working days
  • Minimum charge of 100 words
  • No additional surcharge
24 hours
  • Receive electronic copy in 24 hours
  • Pre-assessment required of quantity
  • Additional 50% surcharge
  • 48 hours booking required
  • Minimum of 3 hours
  • No extra costs (transport etc.)